Five interpretive signs highlight green stormwater infrastructure throughout Kitsap County. The signs were designed to be generic, rather than project-specific, allowing them to be reproduced at multiple projects. Stormwater features explained include rain gardens, bioswales, green street improvements, permeable paving, and stormwater ponds. These signs followed two project-specific interpretive signs created for the Public Works building, as well as an update of several signs at the Haselwood YMCA. Signs were created while at The Watershed Company.

bioretention cell cross section

A detailed illustration of a bioretention cell visually explains how they filter stormwater.

installed interpretive sign in front of bioswale

"The designs are very engaging, and will provide good information about stormwater facilities throughout Kitsap County." — Liz Satterthwaite, Kitsap County Public Works. Photo by Kitsap County Public Works.

bioswale interpretive sign with cross-section and plan view interpretive sign illustrating multiple stormwater-friendly street improvements

Photographs of green stormwater street improvements key to a digital illustration of an idealized 'green street'.

permeable paving interpretive sign stormwater pond interpretive sign


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