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Bookmarked On projects, newsletters, products, and formats by Patrick Tanguay (Sentiers Media)

Instead of structuring something solid out of thin air and based on reckons, Peter and I settled on the idea of working on quarterly projects in parallel, which would occasionally be collaborations between us. So basically a more open form than my four publications but with a more “official” rhythm

  • “special projects” to combat subscription fatigue
  • seasons or series of newsletters and projects
  • zines and reports

I think “season” or “series” will also be a big thing. My hunch is that seasons or series on a topic have a different feel for buyers and sellers, a finite length of things to read / listen to / view / pay for but also a finite amount of work / creation to consider / price as well as a more defined thing to sell ads (see podcasts) / sponsors / find a financial partner for.

–Patrick Tanguay

By Tracy Durnell

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