Listened to Frugal Hedonism Podcast

Listened Annie Raser Rowland on frugal hedonism and living more creatively with less by Madeleine Dore from Routines and Ruts podcast

Artist, horticulturist and author Annie Raser Rowland shares how spending less can enliven us to a magnificent spectrum of pleasures.

  • “Getting” feeling really satisfying for people, find ways besides consumerism to fill that need, like learning something or getting a new story
  • Offer up cheap alternatives as ways to gather, like watching the sunset or grabbing snacks and walking around instead of dinner at a pricey restaurant
  • Pick a high target for what proportion of things you buy used versus new, like 95%, so most of the time you won’t even consider new an option [side note: I’ve found it much harder to get used items during the pandemic since I don’t want to browse and shipping often makes vintage unreasonable]
  • Pay close attention to the urge to treat yourself, and how much you rely on money to make yourself feel better
  • Don’t think of days with lots of admin and adulting and crap you wish you didn’t have to do as days to get through to “real life” – seek out the flavor of life even during these less than ideal days, like through noticing details and sensory experience

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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