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Watched Interview with James Clear

Watched Tiny Changes with Big Results // Ground Up 083 by Matt D’Avella from

James Clear is the author of the book Atomic Habits. His work combines a range of disciplines including biology, neuroscience, psychology & philosophy.

“Decisions and habits are two pillars of leading a better life. Your decisions set the potential for your life. Your habits determine how much of that potential you realize.”

— James Clear

His metaphor is interesting about balancing ambition with not being super accomplished: be gracious with yourself for being a sapling and not a full gown tree, just focus on keeping growing and being good for where you are now.

“Find out what the right recipe of your talents are… and how can you combine those in some kind of unique way that’s more compelling than they would be alone.”

— James Clear

Risk-taking: look for known costs/risks and unbounded potential

Benefit of getting your inspiration from another vertical than the one where you create – e.g. bringing in content from books to the blog and email newsletter sphere can make you stand out

“People take too much ownership of their ideas and don’t realize how much they’ve been gifted” from the past and others. “Give all the credit away.”

“When life doesn’t challenge you, you should probably challenge yourself.”

— James Clear

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