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Fear of Better Options

Liked Inspecting indecision and fear of better options by Madeleine Dore (Extraordinary Routines )

Lately, I’ve noticed I’m indecisive about the smallest things. Even deciding on something as inane as when to shower—as soon as I get up, or after I run at lunch?—what to have for dinner, or whether or not to go for a Thursday afternoon walk with a friend will make me feel stifled with indecision.

I don’t think I’m alone. When so much is uncertain, when we have such little control over the big things in our lives—our plans, our job security, the outcome of an election—we often turn our attention to the little things we can control.

FOBO rings more true for me than FOMO. I get stuck on decisions and it’s honestly become a contentious point between me and DH who has to decide what we’re watching or having for dinner. Neither of us wants the responsibility.

I especially struggle with this on vacation, feeling guilty for squandering an opportunity when I pick a bad restaurant or hotel. The stakes feel higher since I don’t know if we’ll ever come back. Another strain of perfectionism to root out. It’s an attitude I’m working on 🤷‍♀️

“When you are spending too much time worrying over what you’re having for lunch, you are robbing yourself of the energy to focus on the things that matter.” — Patrick McGinnis

By Tracy Durnell

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