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A Gift for the Future

Bookmarked SLOW DOWN – get More out of Life by Doing Less by Alastair Humphreys (Alastair Humphreys)

I read an interesting piece of writing, a manifesto almost, by Harvard Professor Harry R Lewis. In it, he encourages new students to get more out of their time at Harvard by doing less. The whole piece is worth a […]

“Leave something for later in life. Do not feel that you need to achieve EVERYTHING, right NOW.” –Alastair Humphreys, adapted from Harry R Lewis

I like this way of approaching things, as someone who has too many projects and struggles with feeling like I’m not making enough progress, and has a hard time letting go of other ideas to finish the current project. A mindset of abundant time, and trusting the future, and looking out for our future selves. I especially like that thought since one of the philosophies I try to practice in daily life is giving my future self presents (mostly by dealing with things that are a pain but will become more so).

By Tracy Durnell

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