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Flights of Foundry: AI in the Real and Imagined Future

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Our understanding of AI and how intelligence works has come a long way since HAL’s fixation on the pod bay doors. Nowadays “AI” powers everything from what you see on social media to what happens when you make a phone call. Depictions of AI in media have and haven’t changed to accommodate this reality. What does AI mean for us in our everyday lives? How have our AI characters and motifs changed or evolved in response to that understanding.

“The problem is when you have systems created with one set of morals and they’re brought into a different culture with different morals” like making AI tech in the US and bringing it into India for example

Obsession in media with the physical differences between androids and humans – the monstrous, inhuman, robotic element

Many androids are written to be white – and ones written to be Asian are often “hive mind”

Assumption that AI will automatically want to hurt us — maybe comes from us being “bad parents” like Frankenstein abandoning his monster

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