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Flights of Foundry: Storytelling in Comics and Graphic Novels

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With the rising popularity of anime & their manga source materials, movies adapted from comics smashing box-office records, and webcomics sprouting fun animation series, memes, & podcasts; comics & graphic novels are always getting compared to other media. Sonny Liew, Sloane Leong, Devaki Neogi, and Murewa Ayodele will be discussing, not only the differences and similarities comics share with other media, but how to take advantage of the medium to tell a powerful story in ways no other media can.

Complexity & detail, density of panels, panel size, slows down reading

Panel size often linked with span of time

Use panel shape to mirror emotional intensity (e.g. angular shapes versus squares for a fight scene)

Green and blue colors are slower to read

Emotions from characters support action in readers (e.g. humor, fun)

Colors in sync with the story help the flow of the reading

Use camera angles to make action clear

Take advantage of the benefits of the medium – break the panel, use the panel borders as decorative storytelling support

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