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Read Thelkor

Read Thelkor (Warriors of the Golden Meridian Book 1)

He doesn’t dare touch her. Even though he’s burning for the feel of her skin.
They’re about to be sent off to capture a deadly criminal, and all Thelkor wants is a new pilot.

Instead, a human woman arrives on the Golden Meridian.

As a pilot and a genetic match to one of the warriors on the ship, everything should be perfect … but her records are lost in transit.

She can’t be his. He knows it. He won’t allow it.

But with every moment Rachel is in his sight, his need for her grows.

Rachel was born to fly. Why does she suspect that in the surly warrior’s arms she could soar higher than ever before?

He doesn’t want her. That’s fine. She doesn’t want him either. There’s a whole crew of perfectly nice, reasonable alien warriors.

Surely she can’t be mated to that jerk.

Even if he makes her heart do loop-the-loops every time he’s near.

When the mission puts them all in danger, will she get to see the real warrior under the surly mask?

I’ve been trying to be open-minded and explore more of the sci-fi romance genre but some tropes just aren’t for me. I thought I’d give this “fated alien mates” story a try because the heroine goes into it willingly while the Hero resists. I’m not the target audience for this kind of story, which wraps up a very traditional heteronormative fantasy in sci-fi trappings.

The storytelling was too succinct for my taste, I prefer stories with a bit more meat on the bone. The very short chapters did keep up a fast pace. I found the ending a bit abrupt.

I found one aspect troubling, when the Hero admits he has a drinking problem but the heroine says it’s no problem as long as he’s not doing it to hurt himself or something like that. For context, he is pass out drunk when they meet. I think it’s intended to show unconditional love and support but it’s not supportive to tell alcoholics they can keep doing the same thing forever. It’s healthy and supportive to help those you love face their addictions.

The author does a good job giving the heroine autonomy in a plot that needed to highlight fighters, and she is not one.

One thing that drives me crazy about sexy alien biology is that the horns are always sexually sensitive. Horns develop on males in species that compete for mates by literally slamming their horns together and grappling. It wouldn’t make sense for weapons to be sensitive in that way. Besides, they are not made of material that is capable of sensitivity like that. Also, a loss to give a warrior horns and not have him ram someone with them 😉

By Tracy Durnell

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