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Read Rules of Redemption

Read Rules of Redemption (The Firebird Chronicles, #1) by T.A. White

Kira Forrest is a survivor. She’s risen above the pain of her beginnings to become a war hero only to leave it all behind in the pursuit of a simple life. Now a salvager, she makes a living sifting through the wreckage of dead alien ships from a war that nearly brought humanity to its knees.

After her ship takes damage, she’s forced to re-route to a space station where her past and present collide with dangerous consequences.

Kira’s existence holds the key to a faltering peace treaty with the Tuann—a technologically advanced alien race who dislikes and distrusts all humans. Winning her freedom should be easy, but a powerful and relentless Tuann warrior stands in her way. Deceiving him seems impossible, especially when he strays dangerously close to secrets she struggles to hide.

Can Kira reconcile the pain of her past with the possibilities of her future? The fate of two races depends on her success.

I liked a lot about this book! The main character is a little hotheaded but makes for entertaining reading as she impulsively does risky thing after risky thing. I liked Jin, the robot sidekick. Looking forward to reading the second book.

I had to laugh a little that the alien race is elves in space.

This falls into that subgenre of sci-fi that’s got a female lead / single POV, strong romantic subplot, and spans three books. Often she’s something special or powerful like a lost space princess who needs to reclaim her throne.

By Tracy Durnell

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