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Read Threshold of Annihilation

Read Threshold of Annihilation (The Firebird Chronicles, #3) by T.A. White

Traveling to the planet of Jettie in the hopes of finding safe harbor for her niece, Kira arrives only to find their destination host to the quorum—a series of dangerous contests that hold the power to decide the fate of empires.

With little choice but to participate, it doesn’t take long for Kira to find herself knee deep in enemies. Surrounded on all sides, Kira will have to face her worst fear. Trusting others with the truth.

Because it’s becoming clear the tsavitee are no longer content to exist in the shadows. War is coming—and everything Kira thought she once knew is about to change.

Oops, I assumed this was a trilogy and this was the last book in the series! It will probably be wrapped up in one more book. Unfortunately, this book just came out six months ago so it’ll probably be another year before the next book’s out.

It’s good to see Kira start to trust others and accept help.

The “Egalitarian Space Olympics” is kind of a goofy plot key, although I think it worked better than the Magic Bootcamp in the second book in alignment with Kira’s history, and recognizing her as an adult with skills whereas she was mixed in with pre-teens and teens way below her level in the previous book.

Minor quibble: Sometimes the author conceals the identities of people in a way that’s transparent and frustrating during an interaction so she can do a reveal.

By Tracy Durnell

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