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Read Caleb Cain Marcus: A Portrait of Ice

Read Caleb Cain Marcus: A Portrait of Ice by Caleb Cain Marcus

Photographer Caleb Cain Marcus’ second monograph, A Portrait of Ice finds breathtaking worlds of color in the glaciers of Patagonia, Iceland, Norway, New Zealand and Alaska. Devastatingly lonely, yet beautiful, these landscapes where ice meets sky seem to belong to a world where man has never set foot.

Gorgeous photos almost like watercolor with such texture! I like the framing of the photos, the ice like a geode at the bottom of each image beneath a muted but bright sky, subtly textured with hints of clouds or tonal gradients. The blue and white and gray ice, dusted and streaked and spotted with black, shapes subtly different topography at each glacier, while expressing a vast diversity of form between glaciers. At the end, each glacier is named along with a brief note about it, which I appreciated. I can only imagine the amount of time and effort it took to create this work, not only the international travel but also getting similar enough conditions to achieve tonally similar skies and ice fields. I like the matte paper for these prints.

A Portrait of Ice

By Tracy Durnell

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