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Homebrew Website Club: Websites as Dating Profiles and the Importance of Avatars

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One big HWC, for anyone in the Americas(or who is just available) who wants to dial in. Let’s talk about what we would like to do in 2021 now that it is here. What’s Homebrew Website Club?
Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and a distributed web. Whether you…

Fun discussion today about using your own website as an IndieWeb dating profile (and meeting friends). Incorporating mini quizzes or questionnaires into your site to gauge compatibility, or recommending content to readers. We were throwing around how you could be recommended to meet other IndieWeb users who shared your interests — I was thinking kind of like shows you “neighbors” who share your taste in music — someone else suggested showing overlap between liked / saved articles. Another idea someone threw out was using AI to compare writing styles and somehow use that to suggest shared interests and compatibility.

Talked about how important a good avatar photo is, as we were looking through nownownow to check out various websites for topic inspiration. Angelo recalled an old OkCupid profile photo meta analysis that recommended what made a photo more attractive, like good times of day to take your photo (take-home: “flash adds 7 years”).

Suggested to Jacob the idea of having a place on their website where folks could recommend things directly to them (perhaps with some suggestions / parameters for the types of things they might like). Another way to do that, that’s probably more IndieWebby, could be tagging people from posts on your own website, if they accept or can be notified about that.

Angelo showed a fun site he’s working on as a directory of IndieWeb websites, using a visual forest metaphor. I like the idea of adding more sensory info to the website experience, incorporating some gifs / sprites as tasteful accents (like ripples of water on a stream) and some forest sounds with parallax like VR (scroll closer to the stream and the water sounds get louder, scroll up to the top of the canopy and birdsong gets louder).

Tossed around the idea of a little community challenge, to interact with the websites of three other IndieWebbers who you might not know.

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