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It’s almost miraculous that I can visit the first web page ever published in a modern web browser and it still works. Let’s not become desensitised to how magical that is.

“There was an unspoken assumption that the web is built by professional web developers. That gave me a cold chill.”

“With a bit of learning, anyone can make web pages complete with form validation, lazily-loaded responsive images, and beautiful grids that kick in on larger screens. The barrier to entry for all of those features has lowered over time—they used to require JavaScript or complex hacks.”

“This is for everyone. Not just for everyone to consume, but for everyone to make.”

I joked to my husband last night, after spending hours tinkering with my website, why doesn’t everyone want one of these?

But really, I think pretty much everyone should have, and would enjoy, their own website. My friends haven’t seemed that interested, but last week a friend told me he was teaching himself how to make a WordPress child theme!!! ❤️

“But the common narrative in the web development community—and amongst browser makers too apparently—is that web development has become more complex; so complex, in fact, that only an elite priesthood are capable of making websites today.”

I think I’ve let this attitude turn me off of making websites… another symptom of imposter syndrome, thinking that the little html sites or even WordPress themes were too little to think of myself as someone who makes real websites, and to bother staying up to date with CSS. But I had fun tinkering with some CSS last night, even if I wouldn’t want to write a site from scratch again, and figuring out some CSS that’s appeared since I stopped keeping abreast. But I’ll keep my little site going, and be part of the web that’s not corporate and perfect and flashy.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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