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Homebrew Website Club: Self-Sufficient Hosting and the Literacy of the Future

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One big HWC, for anyone in the Americas(or who is just available) who wants to dial in. Let’s talk about what we would like to do in 2021 now that it is here. What’s Homebrew Website Club?
Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and a distributed web. Whether you…

Thinking about self-hosting connected with self-sufficiency — you can run a small (transportable) server (Raspberry Pi) off of a solar panel or a Prius battery and a tank of gas. I want to see some post-apocalyptic stories with people running their own servers in their little self-powered villages.

Discussing writing in a chain, from website to website, made me think about the future of the book. I read something recently talking about how ebooks substantially mimic the form of a paper book, and have been pondering what else a digital book could be, using the power of the internet. I could see online publishing making collaborative works with multiple authors easier to write (not sure exactly what that would look like though), and collaborative worlds, where authors write books set in the same universe, having an entire website be essentially a multi-volume book.

Blaise posited that knowing how to use Git is the literacy of the future. When my nieces were teenagers I was tempted to buy them their own domain names and encourage them to do something with it, on the feeling that everyone should have their own site, but never did because I felt like they needed to be driven to learn it themselves. Not sure if that was the right call or not. Maybe I should have asked them if they’d be interested in it. Or talked to them about having my own website. Do The Youth see having your own website as irrelevant in the age of social media?

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