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Cozy Futurism

Bookmarked Cozy futurism by José Luis Ricón Fernández de la Puente (Nintil)

Cool-shit futurism (space colonization, moon telescopes, tech for the sake of tech to some extent) vs cozy futurism (urban reform, renewable energy, solving climate change; focusing on specific problems and having tech as an ends) are categories I’ve been thinking about recently

In contrast, cozy futurism, as in the original tweet, starts not with technology but with current problems and human needs and looking at how those could be solved and met; so you could imagine societies where poverty is absent, housing is affordable, cities are architecturally pleasing (There is only so much glass and steel one can take before yearning for good old bricks, stones, and wood), economies are environmentally sustainable, and all disease is cured. Then you work backwards from there to the technologies, cultural shifts or policy changes needed to get there.

Cozy futurism is not necessarily less ambitious than cool sci-fi futurism; in fact by the time we get to Mars there will still be homeless living among developed countries back on Earth.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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