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The Value of Graphic Design

Liked Karim Rashid on Design Losing Ground as a Respected Profession – Core77 (Core77)

Yesterday Karim Rashid posted this 8-minute walk-and-talk, where he brings up some topics you rarely hear about: An oversaturation of design schools and designers, a high number of designers willing to work for little or free, and the effect that’s having on the overall business model whereby someone pays

I’m in-house so a bit different, but not altogether. I was just chatting earlier with a coworker about how many organizations have adapted my design work – mostly with but some without my permission. I don’t think my colleagues who have asked for my design files fully appreciate the value of my work. Both my years of experience developing useful materials and learning design, as well as the time spent designing and sourcing graphics, and the years of revisions and refinement some of my work has gone through. I’m tired of seeing so many of my designs at other organizations without getting credit. I feel like I have been too generous and have undercut the value of my work and design as a whole. And as my coworker pointed out, I save others a ton of time and/or money to develop materials that my org spends on me, and other organizations then can spend on other projects we don’t have time and money for.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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