Read The Shaadi Set-Up

Read The Shaadi Set-Up

High school sweethearts Rita Chitniss and Milan Rao were the golden couple, until the day he broke her heart. Now, six years later, Rita has turned her passion for furniture restoration into a career and has an almost-perfect boyfriend, Neil. The last thing she needs is for Milan to re-enter her life, but that’s exactly what happens when her mother, an unfailing believer in second chances, sets them up. Milan is just as charming, cocky, and confident as he was back in school. Only this time, he actually needs her business expertise, not her heart, to flip a hard-to-sell house for his realty agency.

While Rita begrudgingly agrees to help, she’s not taking any risks. To prove she’s definitely over him, she signs herself and Neil up on, a Desi matchmaking site famous for its success stories and trustworthy enough to convince everyone that she and Neil are the new and improved couple. Instead, she’s shocked when MyShaadi’s perfect match for her isn’t Neil…it’s Milan. Ignoring the website and her mother is one thing, but ignoring Milan proves much more difficult, especially when she promises to help him renovate the beach house of her dreams. And as the two of them dive deeper into work—and their pasts—Rita begins to wonder if maybe her match wasn’t so wrong after all….

Overall enjoyed this story. Some quibbles…

I wish the initial boyfriend has been just a personality mismatch and not simply a loser who no one should date — because it is a bit of a sell that the main character cares enough about this guy to pull the website stunt. The website stunt is also pretty peripheral to the plot, and could have easily been taken out, perhaps to give more focus to the main story? Honestly the whole first boyfriend could have been left out and the parent set-up would still have worked and been the main spark for the whole book.

I was pretty underwhelmed by the reveal at the end about why they’d split up originally. I wanted it to be more than it was.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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