Re-read Once Upon a Winter’s Eve

Read Once Upon a Winter’s Eve (Spindle Cove, #1.5)

Some wallflowers bloom at night… A Spindle Cove NovellaViolet Winterbottom is a quiet girl. She speaks six languages, but seldom raises…

My brain’s a bit NaNo mush already, so re-reads are what I’m feeling 🙂 This is a favorite novella that I first read in 2014 and seem to revisit about once a year. Seemed appropriate for the first day of returning to standard time (aka darkness forever 😡).

Still quite like it, especially for a novella. The language connection is a fun one, used well in the plot and their relationship. Tessa does a good job writing from his perspective without revealing who he is for quite a time.

For being an undercover spy six years older than her, the hero is a bit of a dunce at times, but at least the heroine can then show her stuff?

By Tracy Durnell

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