NaNoWriMo 2021: Day Fourteen

Wrote 150 minutes including two 50-minute Cave sessions and one 30-minute hourglass. Added 1495 words to the last chapter, but still not quite finished. I think I’ll probably be able to finish tomorrow, given another hour and a half or two hours. I’ve decided I want to add at least one more scene after the current conversation.

My friends counseled me to re-read my draft before going back and re-writing or adding in things I decided to add. Last time, I sent the draft to my Kindle to read as if I was reading someone else’s book, which worked pretty well. It’s also been months since I’ve looked at the early parts of the book, so it’s a good idea to refresh myself on what really made it into this draft.

I think it’s probably time to re-read 2k to 10k again 🤔 (I think there was a section on editing?) Charlie Jane Anders recommends doing a “feelings” pass. C.L. Polk suggests reverse outlining the story to identify weak scenes, then use that as the basis for writing an updated outline before making revisions. I feel like I read something recently that described someone’s revision process, but must not have saved it 😑

By Tracy Durnell

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