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Personal Websites are the Best

Liked I love my website by James (

While perusing the IndieWeb wiki, I stumbled upon a quote from a blog post written on The quote was:
My website is I love my website. Even though it isn’t a physical thing, I think it might be my most prized possession.
These words stayed with me after reading them. Jeremy ( eloquently summarises a feeling I too have about my website: it is a home for my content that, despite being digital, means a great deal to me.

I love having my own website.

I’ve been thinking it a lot lately and over the past year or so as I’ve gotten into the IndieWeb. It dawned on me recently, as I kanban away my tasks to do, that I basically never need to add tasks on my website to my to-do list, because that’s what I do for fun. I don’t need a reminder, because I look forward to it — it’s more that I have to be careful not to get sucked into website stuff when I need to be doing other things 😂 (Here I am, after my evening screen cutoff time, blogging away… *whistles innocently and ignores the clock*)

The more I use my own website, the more I realize I can use it for. I loved this mind garden as soon as I started it, and at this point can’t picture not having it. As I started tracking my reads, it dawned on me that my own website was a better place to log my annual reading than Goodreads, and would give me a lot more control over what I paid attention to. I’m testing out tracking my TBR list on here too, though I haven’t quite gotten it pinned down yet. That’s fine, this is mine, so I can experiment as much as I want! I decided I miss other people having blogrolls, so I set one up. Right now I’m tracking my NaNoWriMo progress here instead of on the NaNo website, and it’s been a fun change from the official site’s focus on word count to reflecting on each day’s experience. I appreciate that the IndieWeb community is pulling me further down this route and helping me think bigger about what a website can be.

By Tracy Durnell

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