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Let it be easy

Bookmarked The Imperfectionist: What if this were easy? by Oliver Burkeman (

Because the truth is that meaningful work often just does feel difficult (and “writer’s block”, specifically, is just another label for the normal experience of writing). Being a finite human just does require making tough, unpleasant choices about time. Stepping off the busyness treadmill just does tend to make people feel anxious and antsy at first, rather than happy and relaxed. And so on.

But in recent days I’ve found myself thinking about the flipside of this, encapsulated in the quote from Elizabeth Gilbert that’s among several pinned above my desk: “Be willing to let it be easy. You might be surprised.”

Tim Ferriss asks the question slightly differently: “What would this look like if it were easy?”

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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