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Liked A Feelings Post by Anne Helen Petersen (Culture Study)

But turns out, I do not have the wherewithal for that piece. At least not right now — my mind feels resistant to organization, to anything requiring real clarity or concision. These moments are when I usually end up writing what I’ve come to understand as a feelings post.

I often feel embarrassed about feelings posts. I wonder how much this embarrassment has to do with the fact that they’re the part of the work that most resembles the blogging and personal essays we wrote for free, back in the heyday of blogspot and LiveJournal and Tumblr, and have thus internalized that no matter how much personal value accumulated in those corners of the internet, they are worthless to others. It is also, of course, because feelings are generally feminized (and, as such, devalued) whereas analysis is masculinized (and, as such, invaluable).

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