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Read Her Alien Prince and Her Alien Savior

Read Her Alien Prince (Voxeran Fated Mates, #1)

I was sent to make contact with aliens… I never expected one to claim me as his mate. What was supposed to be a peaceful mission to find…

The pacing on these is very quick, each scene pushing the plot or romance forward quite a bit and escalating the tension.

Wish the linguist had used her language skills a little more.

The kidnapped women seem to forget very quickly about the plot they’ve uncovered by the government, and when they find a (bad) way off-planet no one feels the need to get the info back to Earth. Can’t blame them but it was made out to be a big deal and seems like some of them should be pretty mad about it and want to stop it from happening to others? Especially considering a ton of kidnapped women were killed in the crash.

Second book built a better emotional connection between the characters with their traumatic histories; first book had a weird “left behind husband in name only” who supposedly held her back for all of five seconds.

I couldn’t picture anything but the aliens from Avatar based on the description 😂 The loincloth thing is pretty goofy, I can’t think of a loincloth as attractive.

As fated mates stories go, these seemed to involve more choice than usual — a little reminiscent of Nalini Singh’s mating bond that has to be accepted by both partners.

By Tracy Durnell

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