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Read Rescued by Her Enemy

Read Rescued by Her Enemy

I’m shocked when my handler, the man I’ve hated for a decade, frees me from the grip of Impericorps. They’ve kept me under control with his help for the last ten years, after all.

But Riker gives me the choice to run with him or fight on my own. I don’t trust him, but there’s strength in numbers. I’d be a fool to turn him down.

When we’re forced on a hostile planet, we’ll have to learn to rely on each other if we want to survive.

I never thought he’d be the key to my freedom… and I never expected the heat between us.

RESCUED BY HER ENEMY is a steamy enemies-to-lovers sci-fi romance with a lot of action, adventure, and a happily ever after.

This story was a lot of fun — I pictured Caro as kind of Harley Quinn. (Based on the cover I kept thinking of Riker as Christopher Eccleston, which didn’t quite fit, and we’ve been rewatching TNG so Riker has some associations there too 😂) Go go go action and a lot of violence though not too graphic. Some interesting worldbuilding and politics hinted at here that I would have liked to dig into more. Last few chapters were focused a bit too much on setting up the next book for me but didn’t take away from the story.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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