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The Great Surrender on COVID

Liked The Great Surrender: How We Gave Up And Let COVID Win by Chuck Wendig (Chuck Wendig: Terribleminds)

I feel like I’ve lost my goddamn mind…our numbers are higher than they’ve ever been, in most cases not just by a hair’s breadth, but often by two, three, even four times their previous peaks…we are doing less now to mitigate cases than ever before.

It’s a relief to see someone else thinking that the world is going crazy to just give up on a disease that gives anywhere from 10-77% of people chronic illness – especially in a country that shits on disabled people (Exhibit A, the CDC Director saying oh the people who are dying were already sick, F U disabled people) (also can we stop diminishing comorbidities, which like a ton of Americans actually have when you consider they’re common things like depression and diabetes and heart disease and obesity – it’s like an ostrich in the sand invincibility mentality with the “it’s other people dying I’m not sick I just have all the common American health problems that’s not *sick* sick”)

My coworkers say they want to get it to get it over with. I’m just not ready to risk getting a disease that trashes my brain (with mild sickness (pre-pub)) and has a good shot of disabling me before I have to!!! Even the WHO says it’s too early to treat it as endemic.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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