Breath marks in writing

Liked let your readers breathe by David MoldawerDavid Moldawer (The Maven Game)

Normally, I curate my morning reading stack based on "readability." In the
morning, I'm fresh, for all of an hour or two anyway. Why not make the most of
it? Toughest reads first.

It's all downhill from there. By the afternoon, my capacity for mental labor is
significantly curtailed. Mostly, it's magazine articles and memoirs. Before bed,
I can barely focus my eyes. A good time for light fiction.

The Dawn of Everything

I like the metaphor of breath marks in reading. Little pauses. His example is for non-fiction, giving readers time to digest, but it applies in a way to fiction as well, to add in moments of levity to release tension, then allow the tension to rebuild.

By Tracy Durnell

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