Played Iconoclast by Abney Park

Listened Iconoclast — Abney Park | by Abney Park from

15 tracks (50:33)

I’m a huge Abney Park fan, but haven’t listened to this album that much because the CD was really expensive on their pre-order so I only got the digital tracks, and Spotify made it harder / less appealing to listen to your own music library at the same time (and they reasonably don’t release their latest album on Spotify right away so people will actually buy it).

I don’t like the first song, but the rest of the album is good. Several of my favorite tracks are actually from the extended album, which adds five songs.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is fun and delightfully goofy. Keep It Strange captures the feel of the title nicely. Magic Dance is catchy (I never saw the movie it’s from so I don’t know what the original sounds like).

By Tracy Durnell

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