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Modern Arabic calligraphy

Liked Type foundry Boharat Cairo on the vast possibilities of Arabic type design (

In conversation with Abdo Mohamad of Boharat Cairo, we find out how the Egyptian capital is full of typographic inspiration.

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I’ve been wanting to see more design work from outside the western world – and especially curious to see how artistically other scripts can be written, as a way to learn more about the letterforms by seeing what is carried over between fonts. Calligraphy creates art on its own, as the designer points out.

(I requested the reference librarian recommend me books from the library, and they had basically none in their collection (a 1980s book on African textile patterns, a Japanese shop sign book that had few and small images) – and King County has one of the highest circulating libraries in the US, so I doubt many other collections include this either. They also had nothing on female graphic designers, so I suggested one to buy 👍 No wonder aesthetics are converging, if we’re all looking at the same sources of inspiration.)

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