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Irreverent typography by Marie-Claude Marquis

Liked Marie-Claude Marquis – Thinking of You by Marie-Claude Marquis (Thinkspace Gallery)

Thinkspace Gallery

Love juxtapositions like this 😂

Motherfucker by Marie-Claude Marquis
Fuckface by Marie-Claude Marquis

I’m reading Why Fonts Matter right now which talks about playing with fonts whose style contradicts the message. This takes that and one-ups it with the frilly gaudy feminine plates. Probably like some commentary on the fakeness of being nice rather than kind, or the expectations of femininity.

In the same vein as Wayne White’s word paintings (who I desperately wish sold prints). They both jar the expectation of their base medium. She riffs from refined to rude, while Wayne White starts with cheap landscapes and strips away any pretense of fanciness. But both the china and landscapes are mass produced pieces trying to pretend to be something they’re not, playacting at upper class.

Discovered she also has an Etsy and it is delightful in a different way. I feel this “just one last little plant” magnet. Also my French is not good so I thought “Aimant a frigo” meant “loves fridge” not “fridge magnet” 😂 I want to call magnets “fridge lovers” from now on lol

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