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Went to Cavedweller Spotlight #2

RSVPed Attending Caveday Spotlight #2

We are a global community working on a huge variety of projects.
But we rarely get a glimpse of what’s created in The Cave.
Come see what some of our members are passionate about.

Maggie Downs (Palm Springs, CA) – writing on the (time-traveling) power of smell – working on a book

  • Scent is the only sense that isn’t filtered –> more direct line to memory, remembered emotions
  • The Smellitzer – Disney aroma-diffusing machine
    • I have little interest in going to Disney for the experience, but I am very interested in *how* Disney crafts and curates experience — this for smell, “go away green” to ‘hide’ the utilitarian necessities that might detract from the magic and illusion
  • “Smell Walk” tours
  • Art exhibit focused on smell by Sissel Tolaas

Wenlin Tan (Turin, Italy) – podcast on the heroine’s journey

Tim Vreeland (Ventura, CA) – CaveDay brings him peace – indirectly led to his ADHD diagnosis

Sana B (Toronto, Canada) – business coach

  • We can learn from tapping into neglected parts of ourselves
  • “Abundance mindset” –> accepting our uniqueness

Samia Minnicks (Richmond, VA) – photo restoration and wedding photographer with focus on Black love

  • focus on impact vs. perfectionism with photo restoration
  • falls in love with the subject of the photo for every photo restoration, such a deep time spent together that raises so many questions

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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