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Read Bonded to the Stryxian

Read Bonded to the Stryxian (Sryxian Alien Warriors #1) by Ella Blake

Humans made a deal with the Stryxian males: Help us defend Earth, and when the war is over, we’ll send you women to help rebuild your dying species. Now, the war appears to be over and Trinity Bentzer’s number has been called in the lottery. Only, instead of winning a boatload of money, she’s getting some badass winged alien she’s never met. Trin’s not thrilled to be shipped off and matched up, until she meets Raig. 
Maybe she hit the jackpot, after all.

Commander Raig Thanor’s job is to supervise the females’ move to their holding chambers until they are sent to their final matches, but the moment he meets Trinity, he knows she’s his. If only claiming her didn’t risk sparking a war within his own people.

Solid, if a bit on the short side. I worried from the description that it might be angsty but the hero makes up his mind immediately. The heroine also adapts to her new life remarkably well, and accepts him with little fuss. I was worried she’d need to deceive him for a long time but they joined forces pretty early. The plot is more of a confrontation with a regent turned betrayer. I think a bit more resistance from the heroine might have added, or giving her a stronger part to play in the climax. I enjoyed it and will check out the next book.

By Tracy Durnell

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