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Liked Read at Whim! by Austin Kleon (Austin Kleon)

Reminding myself how I want to read

I needed this reminder – I feel like I’ve been trying to push myself to read more fiction beyond romance lately and I’m just not feeling it. I was slogging through Matrix which I saw many people recommend, and mentioned to my husband that I could only handle reading for twenty or thirty minutes at a time, is that how most people read? I prefer the immersive dive in and read a book in one sitting approach, five hours at a go. He was like, so why are you still reading it? Good looking out husband. Too many books to waste my relaxation time reading stuff that’s not for me. I’m usually a quit early and often type but have been trying too hard to give books a chance. If I don’t like it at 20% the odds I’ll like it better at 50% seem slim.

I like this idea of being whimsical about what to read next. I get a lot of my books from the library so it can be hard to be whimsical about what to read when there’s a two month waiting list on what I want to read and the book I wanted to read two months ago is finally available 😉 I’ve been trying to be more playful and experimental with Kindle Unlimited books, and sometimes read something without even looking at the reviews 😳 Tbh a lot of my reading list is just following on with whatever KJ Charles has read recently since I follow her on Goodreads and her taste seems to match mine well 🤷‍♀️

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