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From more intense wildfires and harmful smoke to increased drought and less snowpack in our mountains, we are already experiencing climate change in King County. We have an urgent need to act boldly as a collective to create a healthier, more just, and resilient region. That’s why the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration, or the K4C, exists. We’re a partnership of local governments of all sizes working together to accelerate climate action. We combine our knowledge, resources, and advocacy power to shape policy and programs that cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions to our region can thrive in a changing climate.


Climate Action Toolkit

Puget Sound Regional Emissions Analysis – project underway

2022 & 2023 priorities:

  • GHG emissions inventories and pathways
    • 2 approaches for each city
      • energy data
      • emissions estimates for carbon footprint by consumption
  • local climate action plans
  • adoption of energy and related codes
    • cities and counties can influence MF and commercial energy codes – City of Shoreline adopted City of Seattle’s code – King County Council will consider also adopting this summer
    • SF and townhome residential energy code at state level
  • local climate preparedness
  • pedestrian and bike safety
    • K4C: how do we promote road and trail safety for non-vehicle travel?
  • low GHG emission transportation strategies
  • funding for local climate action
  • integrating climate into local comprehensive plans

County and K4C working on system change.

K4C collaboration:

  • monthly steering committee meetings with partner staff
  • staff events a few times a year
  • elected official outreach committee – weekly during legislative session, monthly the rest of the year
  • elected official retreat twice a year

Participating cities don’t work on every action item, but do work on some joint commitments

K4C spring 2022 Public Town Hall – May 10

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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