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Read Antidote

Read Antidote (Love and War, #1) by R.A. Steffan

Skye Chantrell has just escaped a war zone.
She’s carrying the stolen antidote to a deadly bioweapon.

When her damaged shuttle crashes on a remote lunar outpost, she’s captured by the leader of a rogue group of barbaric aliens. Now her people’s fate—not to mention her own—rests in the hands of the Seven Systems’ most feared and hated criminal.

A man with the face of a brutal thug, and the eyes of an angel.

* * *

Hunter Tarthasian has every reason to hate the Regime.

He and his comrades have gone rogue, vowing to use every means at their disposal to bring down the evil Premiere. Now, they’re wanted and on the run, holed up in an abandoned outpost while they plan their next move. The last thing Hunter needs is a female human civvy with a terrible secret crash-landing on his doorstep. Especially when she starts to awaken feelings in him that have no place in his life as a rebel leader.

Feelings that could very easily get all of them killed.

Fast paced with a clear throughline, introducing a whole band of characters for the later books.

The romance in this was a bit perfunctory and instalove, with basically no resistance from either. (He avoided her for a day.) The tension was bound up in the external plot, which progressed rapidly but gave them time to spend together.

The heroine comes off naive for believing propaganda about the hero from the bad guys she’s learned plan to commit genocide, but at least she gets over it quickly. She makes other assumptions about people later in the story as well.

Pretty tame on the heat level. Funny that the heroine is hypothesizing about the biological functions of his penis while they’re banging. The descriptions of his junk were… unappealing, and I don’t get the knotting thing. It must come from somewhere since it’s in so many SFR stories, do people find it hot or is it a shared joke? 🤔 (Ok I looked up the origin of knotting and it is Even More Unappealing.)

By Tracy Durnell

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