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Read Surprise Mates

Read Surprise Mates (Interstellar Brides Program, #21)

I’m on Prillon Prime for a surprise party. Me, the unmated Earth girl, a guest of the queen! I want to dress up and have fun. Not trip over my own two feet and fall into the arms of two of the hottest alien warriors I’ve ever seen. Ever.

What happens on Prillon Prime stays on Prillon Prime. Before they touch me I make it clear that I’m not looking for a mate. Or two. I have to go back to The Colony. My life is there.

But Prillon warriors are notorious for fighting for what they want. Apparently, what these two want… is me.

This novella was as goofy as the title, starting off with a surprise birthday party where the queen wants everyone to do the Electric Slide. It started off fun, with some action and drama at the end.

I liked this better than some of the other books I’ve tried in this series because the heroine wasn’t matched with “her ideal partner” but picks out the dudes she wants to take home from the party. They’re gleefully shocked when she propositions them, but even though she tells them it’s a one-night stand they’re determined to convince her to keep them. I also appreciated that she wasn’t in danger for the ending, which I had half expected from some hints dropped in the first third.

There are some clunky moments of relationship-building, like pausing in their hook-up to discuss their ambitions. It’s also awkward that all the other “married” chicks are egging Lucy on to get her some action, then as soon as she hooks up they’re like oh girl did you really think you could have casual sex lol. I think there probably weren’t enough POVs for the second guy.

By Tracy Durnell

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