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From beloved cookbook author and recipe developer Sarah Copeland, Every Day Is Saturday brims with inspiration.

More than 100 beautiful recipes that make weeknight cooking a breeze, gorgeous food and lifestyle photography, and easy-to-follow tips for cooking delicious, healthful, sustaining food provide a joyous Saturday mentality of taking pleasure in food and occasion, whatever the day of the week.

Recipes cover every course, from breakfast to dessert, including dishes perfect for the life occasions of a busy family: potlucks, picnics, lazy Sundays, and casual dinners with friends. Here is a delightful and inspiring resource—in a bright and beautiful jacketed package—for weeknight cooks, weekend dreamers, and working parents who want to put great meals at the centre of the table where their family gathers.

This is written for upper middle class moms who prioritize making all the food for their families and hosting large gatherings (nothing wrong with that, it’s just not me 😉). Ten years ago I would probably have liked this much more but nowadays I have Complicated Feelings about the cultural expectation that you have to handmake all your food to be healthy and a good caregiver, given the time burden, and gender and class implications. Virginia Sole-Smith’s newsletter Burnt Toast opened my eyes about some cultural beliefs about food.

If you are like me there will be things you’ll roll your eyes at, like the idea that you’ll wait a day to even cut into a chocolate loaf, or the anecdote about how even as a teenager she could create meals out of anything during her lunch break.

I was hoping for more of bringing the attitude of the weekend into weekday foods, some of which was there but a lot was also just “spend your weekend prepping food for the week”. Frankly, many of these recipes felt a bit fussy and complicated. I baked the Chocolate Snacking Cake which was quite tasty but made A Lot of dishes. I like some of her ideas about concocting tray meals out of a collection of goodies.

As a pescetarian, there were plenty of breakfasts and desserts that I could make, and I could adapt some of the mains. Several drinks sounded nice. I was disappointed that several “midday meals” were salads.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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