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Updated 2/6/2023

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Self Publishing Checklist – Free step by step guide on how to self publish a book and get sales

The Self-Publishing Checklist: Editorial, Production, and Distribution

Book Editor: How to Work with an Editor For the Best Result

Types of edits:

  • Developmental Edit
  • Structural Edit
  • Proofreading
  • Copy Editing

Indy Author Podcast – Using data to guide your craft

r/romanceauthors – Getting started as a self-published / indie romance author

Publishing Practices – In order to best gain/retain readers, you should:

  • Write in series

  • Publish regularly
  • Start in Kindle Unlimited
  • Use pre-orders
  • Send out ARCs

You don’t need to be an instant success – but you DO need to know what success looks like. from eroticauthors


The Ultimate Guide to Comparison Authors, Genres and Tropes

Advertising Your Book–Categories, Targets, and Comp Authors

Finding Comp Titles – An Willis

Passive Marketing from eroticauthors


Your Launch Strategy from eroticauthors


Research genre fiction using kindle trends (see also)

Secret Method to Choosing the Best Amazon Categories (Kindlepreneur)

How to Get Your Book into More Categories on Amazon with Keywords

Mini Guide: How to Get Legitimate Amazon Reviews for Your Books

How To Write A Book Description For Amazon That Sells (Examples & Template)

The Dirty Secret About Keywords – Part 1

The Dirty Secret About Keywords – Part 2

Hidden Gems Amazon Blurb Tool

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Updated 2/6/2023

Also see: Self Publishing Guides
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Reverse Thesaurus Lookup <– this looks very handy
(Via) Writers Helping Writers Thesaurus Series (Free) is a series of entries relating to different elements of writing, like settings, emotional wounds, personality traits, and occupations. These are links to their free sample pages and listed in alphabetical order:

Character Motivation Thesaurus
Character Trait Thesaurus
Conflict Thesaurus
Emotion Thesaurus
Emotional Wound Thesaurus
Fear Thesaurus
Occupation Thesaurus
Physical Feature Thesaurus
Relationship Thesaurus
Setting Thesaurus
Talent & Skill Thesaurus

Self Publishing

Book Editing Services

IPEd – Find an Editor
Word Frequency Counter
SFR Station

Markets, Outside Media, and Trends from eroticauthors

Consider things that romance readers fantasize about.
Security (financial or otherwise). Being loved. Being wanted by someone they desire. Helping to heal someone who seems broken, or having someone help them when they feel broken. New experiences, new settings, the excitement of the unfamiliar.

Glossary of romance terms
Marketing + Self Promo

[Announcement] — Saturdays are now officially self-promo Saturdays. It has worked out pretty well, so if you have something you want to share, do it on Saturday. from scifi

Basic Social Media Marketing for Authors from RomanceWriters

Marketing SFF (romance tag)

Authors on Social Media: Choosing Platforms & Avoiding Burnout

Starting From Zero • Resources Page

The Very Best Book Promotion Sites in 2023

Distributing ARCs
Hidden Gems ARCs – romance books 6+ months out
Bookbrush – social media graphics tool
BkLNK – can look up Amazon categories and sales rank for any book by ASIN / ISBN

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