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Read Hard Drive

Read Hard Drive: Neon Renegades Book 2

Love was never part of the plan. I learned the hard wa…

Enjoyed this though not as much as the first book. This was a bit shorter, and I think more length would have let it go deeper into their histories and hangups. The plot did work for the length, and made sense for the closed scale of the story. Liked both characters, and it had some fun side characters — the friend AI and cybernetic (?) wolf. I couldn’t recall the ending of the previous book that I think explained why Fintan was there, a bit more refresher on that situation might have been useful though didn’t impact the story too much besides forgetting the overall situation. The ending was kind of confusing — I missed why they had to hang out for a week, and what happened to the object of their mission slash why the associate was so concerned. Based on the epilogue, it appears this series is at an end so we won’t find out 🤷‍♀️

Like the cover.

By Tracy Durnell

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