Watched Photo Posting And Presentation

Watched Photo Posting And Presentation – IndieWebCamp (DUS) (2022) from Internet Archive

Photo posting & presentation was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2022.

My perspective watching: thinking about a new project to post old nature photos

Questions from Tantek:

  • When do you post photos? (real-time / contemporaneously, or retrospective)
    • I think this is my mental hangup for this project idea, because I always post photos within a few days or at most a few weeks — but I feel like that mentality falls into the trap of valuing newness too much
  • What motivates you to put a photo on your website?
    • For this project idea, I’m motivated by sharing photos I like that I haven’t had a chance to share before, rather than being buried on my hard drive — I’ve been thinking lately about my things and creations as a childfree person and it sparked a realization that once I die (hopefully another 30+ years from now 😉) all my content will just be deleted, so the only value they’ll have is now, if I share them

👉 Another benefit of good alt text for IndieWeb – others can use the alt text in their page excerpt/quote rather than duplicating the image itself


  • I like David’s “masonry” style photo page (flex grid?)
  • Also like the Instagram duplicate (I assume) grid by Max Dietrich

Session notes

By Tracy Durnell

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