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Read Forged in Shadow

Read Forged in Shadow (Dark Planet Warriors, #5)

Sergeant Arin Varga has a problem on her hands. She’s supposed to be in charge of a squad of peacekeepers. That’s something she would normally handle with ease, except that now her people are stuck in Earth’s orbit on a doomed superfreighter. To make things worse, they’re being held hostage by a group of very threatening, very menacing silver-skinned Kordolians, who are insistent that all they want is safe passage to Earth to kill oversized insects.
One particular alien, who goes by the name of Rykal, seems be constantly getting inside her personal space. He isn’t just threatening, he’s friendly and threatening, and if Arin isn’t careful, that could become a major problem.

Some references to past events, and it probably would have helped the beginning of I’d read what came previously, but I still felt like I could follow along. I wasn’t totally sure if the aliens are supposed to be biotech vampires? They’re likened to dark elves but talk about fangs a lot.

Arin and Rykal were both awesome. Arin didn’t have a ton of opportunity to shine on her own, but she did have a couple moments of badassery.

Unnecessary attempted rape scene towards the end.

By Tracy Durnell

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