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Read Lost to the Alien Lord

Read Lost to the Alien Lord

signed up for a research mission with five other women. Instead, we crashed on an alien planet with too many dangers to count. Separated from the other women, I’m on my own until a huge alien with color-changing skin and a massive sword gets me out of a bad spot. I don’t understand Savair’s language, but I think he’s under the impression that I’m his.

I am NOT his. I’m a divorced scientist with no time for such nonsense. But if he can help me find the others in my group then perhaps I can play at being “his” for a while. It’s not a hardship. He’s the sexiest male I’ve ever met with a jawline to die for, but there’s no way I’ll fall for this guy. Nope. Not a chance…

Jetta makes me ache. I desire her the moment I pull her from a Brakken meat trap. Her soft, warm body awakens hungers long banked. But my Sola, the living ship I am bound to, is dying, and thus, so am I. I must find a way to save my Sola and my mate, or none of us will survive.

Interesting “technology” – sentient organic space ships 🌱 I’d read another volume in this series. Got this and several other self pubbed books for free through a big giveaway day and decided I liked Ella Blake enough to give a different series a try.

These Ice Planet Barbarian style books certainly have a formula, I’d say even moreso than other romance genres – interesting-colored tall alien warrior dudes, a bunch of women crash land, alien dude is all in from the start, attempting to communicate so the English is spelled weirdly as what the alien heard so you have to sound it out then there’s a magical way to allow them to instantly learn each other’s language, Earth woman resists bonding for Reasons slash feistiness and/or has sex but insists it’s only physical, ugly animalistic bad guys who aren’t very smart yet are numerous enough to pose a threat are after them for Reasons – but this one had some interesting additions and variations.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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