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Read Kalixians 1&2

Read Fated Mates of the Kalixian Warriors Series

Another freebie set of three books. I think I liked these two better than Presley Hall’s other books I tried last year. The third book had a heroine with a kid which I don’t really like so I’m not reading it 😉


I have to be 🙄 at the concept that this elite force has gotten captured and ten dudes are able to overtake the ship against hundreds of enemy soldiers with only three losses?

Horrifying to consider this guy started training as a soldier at age 12…by joining a gladiator ring? 😶 I’m not sold on this culture if they’re this into fighting. It’s unclear how old these guys are, whether they were around for the genocide of their people or just heard about it? I had a hard time keeping track of the timeline.

I like the heroine’s involvement in the climax.


Seems they’re leaning into the gladiator theme in this series.

It doesn’t make any sense that the hero has been able to a) survive and b) keep secret his need for a poison antidote after every time he fights, considering he’s been in captivity for some time and recently assisted in an escape?

This was a goofy storyline but sometimes that’s what you’re looking for. I wasn’t convinced by the heroine’s transformation.

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