Watched Genghis Khan and the Rise of the Mongols

Watched Genghis Khan and the Rise of the Mongols from

Look deeply into the life of Temujin, who became the fearsome Genghis Khan. Investigate the steppe culture of the Northern tribal warriors who would conquer China and their nomadic lifestyle of herding and raiding. Trace Temujin’s phenomenal rise to power as he gathered massive legions of tribal followers, founding the Mongol Empire. Explore social and political life among the Mongols.

Another Great Course through the library. Interesting to learn Genghis Khan’s origins and cycles of expansion. I didn’t like the presenter’s attitude about the Mongols, which felt disrespectful and othering — heavy and frequent use of wording like “nothing resembling civilization” and a dismissive description of a culturally important garment that doesn’t align with western beauty standards. Nomadic and oral cultures are also civilizations even though they are quite different from ours. Hell, the ancient Greeks were an oral culture, the damn Odyssey is the written form of an orated poem, and we speak about them as the pinnacle of civilization.

By Tracy Durnell

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