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Publish to make your own luck

Liked Publishing your work increases your luck by Aaron Francis (GitHub)

How can we increase the odds of finding luck? By being a person who works in public. By doing work and being public about it, you build a reputation for yourself. You build a track record. You build a public body of work that speaks on your behalf better than any resume ever could.

The goal is not to become famous, the goal is to increase the chances of luck finding us.

I like the idea of Luck Surface Area.

You actually are doing things, you’ve just trained yourself to think that anything you do isn’t worth sharing…[You] think that [you’re] not doing anything interesting because [you] assume that everyone knows as much as [you] do.

Just last week I brainstormed possible newsletter topics I could write about related to my professional work, which was a helpful reminder of how much I have learned and developed opinions about over fourteen years in the field. In my career I’ve noticed a lack of industry specific information, which could make sharing what I know even more beneficial.

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