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Replied to Nearly half of Gen Z prefers TikTok and Instagram over Google Search by Samantha Delouya (Insider)

A Google executive said the company’s data shows TikTok and Instagram are a threat to Google Search with Gen Z, and Google is working to keep up.

Google highlighted changes it plans to make to its search engine to appeal to a younger audience, including the ability for a user to pan their camera over an area and “instantly glean insights about multiple objects in a wider scene.”

This… completely misses the point about why people would turn to social media for search IMO. Google Search sucks – it’s been conquered by SEO sp*m sites so it’s untrustworthy and unuseful for anything but essentially directory lookups. Social media and the parasocial relationships we have there are a more trusted source of information – it’s coming from an actual human who is providing a testimonial/ advice about what has or hasn’t worked for them. We’ve talked about customized searches of your network in the IndieWeb and there are some search tools that prioritize results from blogs as a proxy for real people.

Probably some influence here too with eroding trust in institutions being replaced with gathering and discussing information via your personal network.

By Tracy Durnell

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