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Listened to How to Launch a Successful Book Series

Listened SFA 125 – How to Launch a Successful Book Series by LindsayLindsay from

For this week’s show, we’re going back to the basics to talk about how to launch a successful book series. 

We broke down launching into several topics to discuss:

Helpful things to consider when planning a successful series.
Writing blurbs and choosing cover art that will sell books.
Preparing bonus material to entice newsletter sign-ups and get new readers to buy your books.
Some thoughts on pricing.
Having a consistent publishing schedule for the series.
Continuing to promote your books and checking in with readers between installments.

5 books in a series good target — but can plan yourself an early out at three books if it’s not selling well, and have a plan to extend it to eight if it is doing well

The beginning is slow until you can build up a backlist: don’t panic, keep releasing free things that get email signups (multi-author projects, reader magnets, extra material in your newsletter)

Consistency is the most important thing, even if you can only write one book a year — aim to release at the same time of year

Reader magnets and your newsletter (and continuing to write more books) are your path towards growing your readership

Newsletter content ideas: research / inspiration, cut scenes, character interviews

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