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Listened to Writing Series That Sell

Listened SFA 060 – Writing Series That Sell with Sara Rosett by LindsayLindsay from

We talked about the types of series, how many books to write in a series, and how to market it depending on whether you’re in all the bookstores or exclusive to Amazon.

Batch writing books can let you make lots of connections and drop clues in the books

Duets = two book series, basically only in romance

Cliffhangers – readers hate them but do increase read-through – best to only do if you can either have the next book on preorder or can say you’re working on it and will be out at x date

Can think of longer series as sets of linked trilogies, do smaller arcs within them, change themes

Trello can be used for story bible

Not that expensive to hire someone to create a story bible for you

If series isn’t going well after three books maybe wrap it up

Long pre-orders to judge interest (can compare btw books if pre-order length is similar)

Also can use demand for Goodreads giveaways (20-30% read-through on free books is good)

Market series that must be read in order by promoting book 1, sales or permafree

Bundles – could bundle books 1-3 once books 4-6 are out; could bundle your whole series once all books are out; could bundle all your related short stories and novellas; could bundle all your book 1’s

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