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From the anthology Claimed Among the Stars. Good night, 5700 pages for $3!? I might pay that for a single story 😳 Mostly authors I don’t recognize but hopefully will find some new ones I like.

No listing for it but I think it’s a novella.

Follows a character from the previous book, Using Fejo, who was kind of a bad guy but redeems himself, and there’s also more background to his choices.

Enjoyed this. Hero was a little aggro to start but calmed down once he got over his shock. Heroine maybe forgave him a little too quickly for tieing her up and gagging her, even if it was to keep her safe. Liked the climax scene, shit really hits the fan but the heroine is very brave and proactive (even if the hero’s physical feats strain credulity). Steamy 🔥

I kind of imagined a purple Hellboy, with the sawed off horn thing 😂

By Tracy Durnell

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