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Read The Bodyguard’s Deception

Read The Bodyguard’s Deception

Abducted and offered as a prize in a twisted card game tournament, Cass’s life has taken a serious turn for the worse. If only her gorgeous bodyguard wasn’t just keeping her safe for her new lord and master. If only there was somewhere on a cruise ship she could run.

Sharr is on a dangerous undercover mission for the Protectorate. His handler told him it would be difficult, but nothing could have prepared him for Cass. Help is on its way, but if anyone tries to lay a hand on her, Sharr might just burn his mission – and the entire cruise ship – down to keep her safe.

Another story set on a space cruise ship — is this an inside joke from the participating authors in the Claimed Among the Stars anthology, or is that just the hot thing everyone wants to read?

Enjoyed the story, I’d read another book by the author. Some worldbuilding things left unclear — why do they think touch is shameful? — but fine for a novella.

By Tracy Durnell

Writer and designer in the Seattle area. Freelance sustainability consultant. Reach me at She/her.

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